Welcome to Motorcycle Escorts

  • Wedding Escorts

    Make a Grand Entrance

    Make an entrance or leave your guests in a fashion that will long be remembered. Why not feel and look important on the most important day of your life with any number of Motorcycle Escorts forming an honor guard to see you safely on your journey. Your wedding photos will be unique and just think what the grand children will say in years to come when they see the pictures.

  • School Formals

    An Outstanding Arrival

    Be the only kids in the class to turn up with an official escort. Look like the US President arriving at a State event! Better a police escort to the party then back home after it!

  • Funerals

    The Ultimate Tribute

    Pay your respects with an honor guard usually reserved for Heads of State. A Motorcycle Escort will also assist in keeping the funeral procession together. The “NSW Road Rules 2008” makes special provisions for Funeral Processions and an escort will increase the visibility of the procession when taking advantage of these provisions.