About Us


 A brand new, exciting and innovative concept that will make any entrance TRULY GRAND!

Staging an attention grabbing entrance is now easy as rolling up escorted by one, two or more official looking Harley-Davidson motorcycles replicating famous American duty cycles.

Onlookers will be astonished to see the uniformed riders astride these beautifully appointed machines leading the way to your special event. MotorcycleEscorts.com.au now offers you an honor guard that was traditionally reserved only for Heads of State.

Our service is offered exclusively for its aesthetic quality and entertainment value. We do not provide a security service and our riders obey all road rules. Our riders each have many years riding experience and are accomplished in the techniques of parade riding.

Our escorts are available for any event.
Just imagine arriving on your wedding day with an official looking police escort or wowing your friends at the school formal. Surprise a loved one on a special day or impress a business contact with that limo ride from the airport.
Motorcycle Escorts also provides a funeral escort service in ceremonial dress. Limited traffic control duties can be carried out to keep the procession in order, in accordance with the NSW Road Rules 2008.

MotorcycleEscorts.com.au provides a service that is unprecedented in Australia. It is not possible to hire an official Police motorcycle escort in NSW or any other Australian State or Territory. This service is reserved for Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries, and official State occasions.

Our Motorcycle Escort service allows anyone to enjoy this concept. To add a certain dignity to any occasion, to enjoy a little tongue-in-cheek fun or to draw a little special attention to a product or service, or for that matter, anyone who deserves to feel special.
This concept opens doors to many ideas and themes that were previously unavailable in this country

Our emphasis at MotorcycleEscorts.com.au is on absolute professionalism, impeccable appearance, attention to detail and safety. We will work with you to develop a theme for your event that will work seamlessly and produce a result that will be unforgettable.