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Nothing dignifies that final journey quite like the honor guard provided by uniformed riders on beautifully appointed Harley-Davidson Police motorcycles.

The decommissioned siren and the PA speakers fitted to the machines allow the provision to play Scottish pipes, an Irish ballad, or any preferred music along the way in a tasteful tribute to your departed loved one.

NSW legislation specific to Funeral Processions allows for a funeral cortège to proceed uninterrupted along a roadway under certain conditions.

It is unlawful in NSW for a road user to interrupt or hinder a funeral procession in progress. The problem is that other road users are sometimes unaware that a funeral procession is underway once the hearse is out of sight and it is dangerous for procession participants to take advantage of the right of way.

Having highly visible Motorcycle Escorts affords road users the opportunity to be aware that the procession is underway. Our motorcycles are equipped with amber flashing warning lights and our riders are highly visible and experienced in traffic control.

Utilising a Motorcycle Escort will afford the procession a safe, smooth, virtually uninterrupted journey to the final resting place.

We also have a Harley Motorcycle Hearse available as an alternative to a regular hearse. Please see our other website, .

* does not provide a security service and obeys all road rules and traffic laws. No preferential treatment is provided to vehicles under escort that is not provided in the relevant NSW legislation.

Information pertaining to the relevant legislation can be viewed on the NSW Government website at

NSW Legislation 2008 Road Rules
Section79–1 NSW rule: interfering or interrupting funeral cortege or authorized procession.

(Click here for a link to the legislation)