Harley Hearse

Our Harley-Davidson Hearse restores the traditional feeling of the Funeral Cortège.

Our Motorcycle Escorts work with your Funeral Director to provide the service that you desire. A service that bestows dignity and honour while keeping the Funeral Cortège safe and efficient.

Traditionally, the Cortège was an event in itself. A part of the service in which the wider community plays a part. Members of the community who see the Cortège go by may take a moment to acknowledge the passing of one of their community. The final journey is a very special one. It is as important as he arrival home after birth, the wedding Cortège which marks entry into marriage. That final ride represents the last farewell.

Traditionally, the coffin was carried on an open carriage. Even today, a contemporary hearse has large windows so the community can witness the passing of the deceased.

We offer a very elaborate and tasteful Harley-Davidson Hearse with an open platform on which the coffin can be displayed. Our uniformed rider, together with the honour guard of escort riders if required, will lead the funeral procession in the fashion of time honoured tradition.