Develop your slow riding and manoeuvring skills by learning the techniques taught to police

The majority of our riders have been trained in advanced riding skills by police departments. All have ridden professionally and are proficient in the techniques of slow riding.

For those who regularly ride large touring motorcycles, and for that matter, any sized motorcycle, learning the fundamentals of slow speed control is imperative.

Enquire about our private or group lessons which will teach you the fundamentals of slow speed control.

Whether it is getting you through the license exam or a desire to gain better control of your ride at slow speeds, we can help.

Never again be unconfident about making that tight u-turn.

Manoeuvre comfortably and accurately in confined spaces without the worry of damaging your bike, or more importantly, your pride!

Who knows, you may even like to join our ranks. are always on the lookout for expert riders.